Mobile-Based Application for Agricultural Crops of Silang, Cavite


  • Mhay Edison M Anciro
  • Jan Zendryl Dela Cruz
  • Cereneo Jr Santiago Cavite State University



Agricultural crops, by-products, information system, Philippines


Farmers’ awareness on fast-moving developments in technologies affects the agriculture operations. Smartphones have been useful in agriculture for their mobility and accessibility. The mobile-based application for agricultural crops of Silang was designed to provide information about crops. Information includes health benefits of the fruits, uses of the crops, and how its different parts can be develop to another product. The application is the first step towards understanding the benefits of the by-products of the crop in interactive way. The software development was anchored on agile model. The performance of the application was evaluated by 40 persons composed of subject matter experts including crops farmers and agriculturist, IT experts and potential users. The developed application was rated using Core App Quality Standard utilizing the criteria of Visual Design and User Interaction, Functionality, Compatibility, Performance and Stability, and Security. The app’s performance was adherent to the standard as verified by the app’s overall rating of excellent. The application will be able to help the crop farmer to get information in utilizing wastes into by-products, hence would be an opportunity to augment their income. It is recommended that the application may be added with crops available from other regions and consider a dynamic and cross-platform version of the app to maximize potential users.

Author Biographies

Mhay Edison M Anciro

Cavite State University-Silang Campus

Jan Zendryl Dela Cruz

Cavite State University-Silang Campus


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