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About the Journal

The American Journal of Education and Technology (AJET) is a double-blind peer-reviewed international journal that aims to publish original research articles, case study, and review papers. AJET is an interdisciplinary forum for researchers that address the intersection of education and technologies. It aims to provide implications and scopes to develop and enhance technological education as well as uses of technology in education at all levels across the globe.

AJET maintains the quality of its publications by using a double-blind peer-review process. It rejects the manuscripts that fail to identify transferrable and generalizable knowledge, that do not explicitly as well as clearly indicate the quality of study for a professional audience and do not fall under the areas of publication.

Please read more about the review process for further information.

Aims & Scope
The American Journal of Education and Technology (AJET) is an avenue for the range of arguments, issues, and implications in the education field as well as the uses of technologies, information and communication technology (ICT) across educational services, disciplines, and industry. It further emphasizes the application of technologies to develop and manage to improve contemporary learning and teaching in a variety of avenues, settings, and environments. It aims to deliver perspectives at all levels, from the micro-level of explicit educational methods and technologies or ICT applications & tools to be used in the learning management system, educational institutional management method, development, and implementation, curriculum & content development, graduate employability, and quality education, to the macro-level of national policies and implementations; from primary education levels to adults in both territory and vocational education levels in schools, institutions and higher institutions to online, offline and lifelong learning.

Areas of publication
AJET covers the topics but not limited to education related to computer science and engineering, from territory education to higher education, applications of technologies and ICTs in the process and development of education system, teaching-learning management system, institutional management system, smart education solution, smart campus solutions, and development, new era of IoT, AI, & related to 4IR in the area of education and educational organization.

Frequencies of publication
Three issues in a year while it accepts articles throughout the years and publish online immediate after acceptance.