List of Reviewers

-> Dr. Ahmed Osumanu Haruna
   Research Area: Soil Fertility and Management
   Country: Malaysia

-> Jiban Shrestha
    Research Area: Plant Breeding & Genetics
    Country: Nepal

-> Dr. Debashis Dutta
    Research Area: Food Processing Technology
    Country: India

-> Debasis Mitra 
    Research Area: Biotechnology 
    Country: India

-> Korfii Uebari
    Research Area: Communication in Science, Environmental Chemistry, Analytical     
   Chemistry,Environmental Toxicology, Green Chemistry   
    Country: Nigeria

-> Dr Nur Alam Miah 
    Research Area: Entomology
    Country: Bangladesh

-> Navdeep Mor 
    Research Area: Civil Engineering
    Country: India

-> Professor Dr Md Morshedur Rahman
    Research Area: Animal Science
    Country: Bangladesh

-> Dr. Saleena E C
    Research Area: Commerce 
    Aligarh Muslim University, India

-> Dr. Angus Onwudiwe Ikeh
    Research Area: crop Science, Soil Science, Farming System and General Agriculture
    University of Uyo, Uyo Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

-> Dr. Sumanta Bhattacharya 
    Research Area: Cyber Forensics, Cyber crimes, cyber security and cyber law 
    Country: India

-> Associate Professor Ajay Kumar Agarwal
    Research Area: Mechanical Engineering
    Country: India

-> Jyoti Prakash Sahoo
    Research Area: Biotechnology
    Country: India

-> Dr. Mahmoud Mohamed Hesham Okasha
    Research Area: Agriculture Engineering
    Country: Egypt

->  Professor Dr. Abu Sadeque Md. Selim
    Research Area: Animal Science and Nutrition
    Country: Bangladesh

-> Dr. Sandra Milena Camargo Silva
    Research Area: Nanotechnology, Natural Science, Materials Engineering
    Country: Colombia

-> Professor Dr. Provash Kumar Karmokar
    Research Area: Econometric Time Series Modelling and Forecasting, Modeling with Food Agriculture, 
    Environment and Crop Climatic Variables.
    Country: Bangladesh

-> Dr Nida Jafri 
    Research Area: Green Engineering
    Country: Malaysia


[Note: Interested reviewers are requested to send their CV to <> ]