ICT Application Knowledge of Center of Excellence Graduates Towards the Covid-19 Pandemic


  • Romelyn Lagura Mariano Marcos State University, Philippines.
  • Gaylord Brent Rabang Ilocos Sur National High School-Senior High School, Philippines.
  • Love Joy Pascua Department of Science and Technology-Science Education Institute, Philippines.




Information and Communication Technology, Center of Excellence, ICT applications, Knowledge, Teachers


While COVID-19 pandemic creates a great impact on the global economy, it also force all the educational institutes across all countries, including Philippines to shut down. But learning and sharing of knowledge must not be compromised so eventually, the great significance of technology has taken into consideration. Online learning is not new but this pandemic situation makes it a substitute of the face to face learning. With the arising demand of competence in ICT and the goal to make learning more convenient, interesting and globally-competent, this led the researchers to conduct a study on the knowledge on ICT applications among teachers graduated from a center of excellence institution. This study determined if teachers are familiar or even use applications and the functions it has. These applications are commonly used for teaching and commonly found on Microsoft Software. The respondents are limited to only teachers who acquired 10 (ten) years and above teaching experience who may either be a teacher of any position, teaching inclusive in private and/or public elementary, secondary, tertiary schools education but graduated from a center of excellence institution in Ilocos Norte. The study made use of the descriptive survey form of research in which data gathered was tabulated and analyzed to answer the problems of the study. The result shows that graduates from the center of excellence institution who are ten (10) years in service are least knowledgeable in application on Data Bases and most knowledgeable in Word Processing, this is due to the fast changing flow of technology and the course offerings before are no longer in use as of today. This will give an impact that center of excellent institutions should continuously serve the teachers in the field so that they will be updated with the latest trends in the teaching technology.


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