Implementation of Open High School Program and School Performance in the Division of Bukidnon: Basis for Program Implementation Plan


  • Daisy Lou Cena PHINMA Cagayan de Oro College, Philippines
  • Gerlinda G. Corpuz PHINMA Cagayan de Oro College, Philippines



Implementation of Open High School Program, School Performance


The Open High School Program in Valencia City, Philippines has been in place for a decade but faces challenges due to instability in its implementation and high turnover among implementers. This instability results in a high drop-out rate and low achievement levels. A study was conducted focusing on seven key objectives, including respondent characteristics, program implementation, school performance metrics like achievement and drop-out rates, and the correlation between respondent assessment of implementation and school performance. The research involved 370 public school teachers through a survey questionnaire and utilized statistical tools like means, frequency, and Kruskal Wallis test for analysis. The findings revealed significant correlations between how implementation was assessed and school performance metrics. By following Andrada’s manual and implementing a program implementation plan, the research aims to enhance implementation to achieve program goals effectively. Addressing the instability in the Open High School Program’s implementation in Bukidnon, Philippines, through the proposed plan can lead to a more stable implementation process, ultimately enhancing student retention and academic performance.


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