About the Journal

The American Journal of Economics and Business Innovation (AJEBI) is an open access and double-blind peer-reviewed international journal that publishes articles that emphasize research, development, and application within the fields of business, economics, finance, marketing, management, business analytics, etc.  The AJEBI reviews papers within the shortest possible time of submission and publishes accepted articles online immediately upon receiving the final versions.

ISSN: 2831-5588 (Online), 2832-4862 (Print)

Aim & Scope
The main objective of AJEBI is to promote research and application of innovations and technologies in economic progress, business, financial growth and performance, and best practices. Additionally, developing a suitable implementation framework is a challenge for successful results with best practices. AJEBI aims to help professionals working in the field of business, academic educators, industry consultants, and practitioners to contribute, distribute and learn from each other's work. The journal aims to provide a platform for scientists, development workers, practitioners and academicians to promote, be more visible internationally, and provide the opportunity to discuss critically and analyze different issues in economics and business. The journal also aims to be the most important journal in scientific societies by getting indexes in Scopus, WoS, and high impact factor in the coming years. All articles are reviewed quickly, professionally copyedited, and checked for similarity to avoid plagiarism for quality and faster publication.

Frequencies of publication
Three issues
in a year while it accepts articles throughout the years and publishes online immediately after receiving the final version from the author.

Area of publication
◉ Economics
◉ Business
◉ Finance
◉ Marketing
◉ Management
◉ Business analytics
◉ Financial innovations and technologies etc.