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The American Journal of Human Psychology (AJHP) is an open-access and double-blind peer-reviewed international journal publication platform to develop academic and research collaboration in the fields of Human Psychology. AJHP aims to publish articles that include those containing substantially supported theories, innovative works, substantial experimental results, and/or containing useful and constructive discussions or reviews standardized to regional or international acceptance. AJHP reviews papers within the shortest possible time of submission and publishes accepted articles on the internet immediately upon receiving the final versions.

  • Original research articles
  • Short Communications
  • Reviews
  • Scientific Reports
  • Short reports

Frequency of publication

The final version of the article will be published immediately online, but there is one issue per year that can be published as printed versions and online. 

Area of publications

All the areas of Human Psychology but not limited to investigations into

· Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience
· Behaviors
· Beliefs
· Clinical Psychology
· Cognition
· Cognitive Science
· Comparative Psychology
· Consciousness Research
· Control of Action
· Cultural Psychology
· Decision Neuroscience
· Developmental Psychology
· Eating Behavior
· Educational Psychology
· Emotion Science
· Environmental Psychology
· Evolutionary Psychology
· Gender-Related Issues
· Human-Media Interaction

· Language Sciences
· Movement Science
· Neuro psychoanalysis
· Neuroscience
· Organizational Psychology
· Perception
· Perception Science
· Language Processing
· Performance Science
· Personality and Social Psychology
· Philosophical Psychology
· Psychoanalysis
· Psychopathology
· Quantitative Psychology
· Related Cognitive Processes
· Sex and Sexuality Studies
· Sexual Attitudes
· Sport Psychology
· Theoretical Psychology 

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Original Research Articles

The Editors of the Journal encourage the publication of scholarly original research articles in the Journal.  

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Review Article

The Editors of the Journal encourage the publication of scholarly review articles in the Journal.  

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Short Communication

Short communications are short articles (mini original articles) that present original and important preliminary findings that do not warrant publication as full-length articles but are still worthy of publication. The main text should be subdivided into background, methods, results, and discussion, but should be written as concisely as possible.

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Scientific Reports

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