Modular Development in Mathematics in the Modern World


  • Christian Cabral Northwest Samar State University, Philippines



Development, Instructional Module, Mathematics in the Modern World


The study aimed to develop an instructional module on CHED mandated topics in Mathematics in the Modern World in order to address new trend to fit in in the new normal. A developmental research design was utilized in the conduct of the investigation. The findings revealed that the CHED mandated topics in Mathematics in the Modern World included the core topics, namely: Mathematics in our World; Mathematical Language and Symbols; Problem Solving and Reasoning; and Data Management. These topics were properly placed in the different lessons of the instructional module. The panel of experts assessed the instructional module to be “excellent”. Usefulness and objectives of the module were highly rated as “excellent” while the presentation of the module received a “very good” rating. The developed instructional module was found to be valid in terms of objectives, content, format and language, presentation and usefulness based on the experts’ assessment. It is then suggested that the proposed instructional module be used by the Mathematics teachers from other colleges and universities to increase its reliability and usability.


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