Seedling Vigor of Fuji Apple (Malus Domestica Var. Fuji) on Different Soil Media


  • Louell M. Ozarraga Department of Plant Science, College of Agriculture, Mindanao State University Marawi Campus, 9700 Lanao del Sur, Philippines
  • Ronnie Joy Migullas Department of Plant Science, College of Agriculture, Mindanao State University Marawi Campus, 9700 Lanao del Sur, Philippines



Seedling Vigor, Fuji Apple, Climatic Conditions, Polyhouse, Potting Media


The fuji apple seedling is one of the varieties of an apple that can withstand tropical conditions. In the Philippines, no apple production despite of high consumption and demand. This study aimed to determine the seedling vigor of fuji apple on different soil pot mixes under polyhouse conditions. The study was conducted at the Plant Science Area, College of Agriculture, Mindanao State University Main Campus, Marawi City for 1 month and 17 days duration. The treatments were: Garden soil + sand (GS) a ratio of 1:1 (control); Bokashi (BK) a fermented organic matter; Cocopeat + garden soil + sand (CPGS) a ratio of 1:1:1; Vermicast + garden soil + sand (VCGS) a ratio of 1:1:1; and Rice hull + vermicast + garden soil + sand (RVGS) a ratio of 1:1:1:1. The experiment was laid out using Randomized Complete Block Design with four replicates. Depending on these results, it can be suggested that treatment CPGS could be used to fuji apple seedlings in a pot under polyhouse conditions. The treatment BK showed the lowest result on all parameters. However, it is recommended to conduct a further study on the bokashi by adding soil to assess the effect on the growth and development of fuji apple seedling.


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