Spatial and Seasonal Variation of the Primary Productivity in the Major Nursery Grounds of Hilsa (Tenualosa ilisha)


  • Flura Bangladesh Fisheries Research Institute, Riverine Station, Chandpur, Bangladesh
  • Md. Moniruzzaman Bangladesh Fisheries Research Institute, Riverine Station, Chandpur, Bangladesh
  • Mohammad Ashraful Alam Bangladesh Fisheries Research Institute, Riverine Station, Chandpur, Bangladesh
  • Md. Hashibur Rahman Bangladesh Fisheries Research Institute, Headquarters, Mymensingh, Bangladesh
  • Khondaker Rashidul Hasan Bangladesh Fisheries Research Institute, Riverine Station, Chandpur, Bangladesh
  • Rabina Akther Lima Bangladesh Fisheries Research Institute, Riverine Sub-station, Rangamati, Bangladesh
  • Yahia Mahmud Bangladesh Fisheries Research Institute, Headquarters, Mymensingh, Bangladesh



Seasonal Variation, Primary Productivity, Nursery Grounds, Tenualosa ilisha


The present study was conducted to estimate the primary productivity of major nursery grounds of hilsa both spatially and seasonally. The net primary productivity (NPP), community respiration (CR) and gross primary productivity (GPP) were estimated in summer, rainy, and winter, respectively. The maximum NPP (0.27 gCm-3h-1) and GPP (0.68 gCm-3h-1) were noted during summer season and minimum (0.19 gCm-3 h-1 and 0.31 gCm-3 h-1) in rainy season at all the six stations. The annual average GPP varied from 0.36±0.008 gCm-3h-1to 0.70±0.1 gCm-3h-1. From the month of March to June, the NPP value ranged from 0.23±0.001 gCm-3h-1 to 0.51±0.09 gCm-3h-1 and usually showed an increasing trend. The CR ranged from 0.12±0.003 gCm-3h-1 to 0.20±0.05 gCm-3h-1 and exposed an rising trend from the month of January to May whereas the study revealed that, during summer and winter the CR value has also seasonal pattern with maximum and minimum value in all experimental sites. The data of primary productivity at all stations showed that except S6, all stations has a good nutrient profile and suitable for hilsa production.


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Flura, Moniruzzaman, M., Alam, M. A., Rahman, M. H., Hasan, K. R., Lima, R. A., & Mahmud, Y. (2023). Spatial and Seasonal Variation of the Primary Productivity in the Major Nursery Grounds of Hilsa (Tenualosa ilisha). American Journal of Aquaculture and Animal Science, 2(1), 13–19.

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