Philippine Public Senior High School Time Optimization of School Forms Preparation


  • Ritchell Nacional Angelo L. Loyola Senior High School, Department of Education Cavite Province, Carmona Cavite, Philippines.



Information and Communication Technologies, Time optimization, Teaching, Workload, Critical Path Method, Project Evaluation Review Technique


It is well accepted in the Philippines that public school teachers are continually overworked. This study aims to help the classroom advisers in preparing school forms and provides solutions for time optimization to increase productivity. This study developed a system to minimize the time spent on school forms preparation. The time and motion study *were utilized to analyze the process of creating each school form. The Project Evaluation Review (pert) and Critical Path Method (cpm) network analysis answered the number of hours spent to complete the entire process, and identified the critical activities and non-critical activities that could be completed later without delaying the process. This helped establish a standard time for the completion of each school form and detect repetitive activities. It aids operational efficiency by simplifying tasks and developing strategies. The total time initially for completing school forms was 209 hours in a school year. After implementing the PERT/CPM, the total time for completing the school form was reduced to 56.34 hours. This change in the duration of the process of finishing school forms represents a 74. 8% reduction in school forms completion time. However, the study merely reduces the completion of the school forms procedure, which is only one of the reasons for the classroom advisers' overtime work. Innovations contribute to making things easier to do, and this study demonstrates that innovation can reduce the time required to complete school forms.


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