A Glimpse of the Past and the Present: A Generic Review of the Philippine Educational System and the K+12 Curriculum Implementation


  • Grace R. Campos Department of Education, Albay, Philippines




Educational System, K-12 Curriculum, Curriculum Enhancement, Facilitators or Barriers to K-12 Curriculum,, Academic and Non-Academic Outcomes


This study discusses the history and current state of the Philippine educational system. The features of the Pre-colonial, Spanish, American, and Japanese eras and how they influenced the country’s educational system were presented in a brief and concise form. This paper addresses the challenges observed in the past, as well as obstacles the country faces in implementing the K-12 curricula. Recommendations and suggestions were made based on the key assessment features of the implementation of the curriculum through observed results in the academic and non-academic outcomes and facilitators or barriers to the K-12 curriculum. This study forwards recommendations on the enhancement of the present curriculum.


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