Application of Gamma Irradiation in Groundwater Treatment Using Different Techniques


  • Mohmamed M. El-Toony Department of Chemistry, King Khaled University, Tohama branch, Abha, Kingdom Saudi Arabia
  • Ahmed H. Rajab Department of Physics, King Khalid University, Tohama branch, Abha, Kingdom Saudi Arabia
  • Ghada A Eid Department of Physics, King Khalid University, Tohama branch, Abha, Kingdom Saudi Arabia
  • Nabila M. Maziad National Center for Radiation Research and Technology, Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt



Gamma Irradiation, Groundwater, Treatment, Organic, Metals


The different pollutants in the groundwater can be successfully excluded using potential gamma irradiation. Smart gamma irradiation coupled with ozonation can degrade most of the organic pollutants. Many pollutants’ parameters can be managed, such as total organic carbon (TOC), total dissolved solids (TDS), chemical oxygen demand (COD), biological oxygen demand (BOD), and turbidity. The disinfection of many bacterial cells has been successfully performed besides the deactivation of rotavirus. Based on this manner, the simulated triclosan (TC) can be completely degraded using two techniques of irradiation: reduction and oxidation status. The metals polluting the understudied groundwater can be nearly completely removed by using gamma irradiation under reduction conditions. The applied gamma irradiation can precipitate metal ions such as cadmium, mercury, and lead (in atomic form) in the simulated wastewater, and groundwater. Different patterns seriously influenced the metal ions removal, such as different hydroxyl scavenges and sample gassing with different gasses (hydrogen, nitrogen, and air). This technique results in metal ions decontamination yielding 99.4%, 97.8%, and 96.9%, for cadmium, mercury, and lead ions respectively at the optimum conditions.


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