Effect of Rapid Urban Housing Expansion on On-Farm Activities of Rural Household Livelihoods in Simat/Kapseret Ward, Kenya


  • Dianah Cheruto Catholic University of Eastern Africa, P. O. Box 908 – 30100, Eldoret, Kenya
  • Fred K. Wamalwa Catholic University of Eastern Africa, P. O. Box 908 – 30100, Eldoret, Kenya
  • Esther Chepsiror Catholic University of Eastern Africa, P. O. Box 908 – 30100, Eldoret, Kenya




Crop Annual Incomes, Livestock Annual Incomes, Crop Acreage, Livestock Acreage


The study focused on examining how an increase in urban housing expansion affects livelihoods of rural households. The study objective was to determine the effect of urban housing expansion on on-farm activities of households in Kapseret/Simat ward, Kenya. A sample of 164 households was selected from a target population of 13610 households. A systematic random sampling technique was used to obtain the population of the study. A household survey questionnaire and an interview guide were used as tools for data collection taking a mixed methods research design. Quantitative data was analyzed using descriptive methods in form of frequencies, means and deviation. Inferential statistics specifically Chi square was used to test the hypotheses in terms of the strength and direction of the independent and dependent variables. Qualitative data was analyzed thematically and triangulated into the quantitative data of the study. Quantitative study findings indicated that there was a statistical significant relationship between urban housing expansion and on-farm activities of rural households (p=0.000). The qualitative study findings indicated that there was a shift from on-farm to off-farm livelihood activities of rural households. The study concluded that as land value and land sales increased, there was a higher likelihood for demand for land to facilitate the urban housing developments and ultimately housing expansion within the area of study. The study concluded that there was a significant statistical effect of urban housing expansion on rural household livelihoods.


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