Assessment of the Use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in Agricultural Extension Service Delivery among Farmers in Yobe State, Nigeria


  • Nuruddeen Mohammed Department of Agribusiness and Extension Management, Yobe State College of Agriculture, Science and Technology Gujba, Nigeria



Agriculture, Extension, Farmers, ICT, Use


The study assessed the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in agricultural extension services delivery among farmers in Yobe state, Nigeria. The specific objectives of the study were to identify the ICTs available to the farmers in the study area, ascertain the level of access to ICTs among the farmers in the study area and identify, determine the use of ICTs among the farmers in the study area, constraints to the use of ICTs among the farmers in the study area. A multistage sampling procedure was used to select 130 respondents for the study. The target populations were obtained from the sampling frame of all contact farmers in the state Agricultural Zones. Both Primary and secondary data were used in the study. Primary data were collected using a well-structured questionnaire and interview schedule, while secondary data were obtained from records of YOSADP, articles, and publications. Data were analyzed using frequency counts, percentages, mean, and Likert scale. The analysis results revealed that mobile phones, radio, internet, and television were the most available and accessible ICT tools used by the sampled respondents in the study area. The severity of the constraints to the use of ICT facilities among the respondents shows lack of electricity supply as the 1st ranked impediment among others (WMS of 3.6), followed by lack of funds and high illiteracy level (WMS of 3.2) each and inadequate access to ICT gadgets (WMS of 3.1). In conclusion, there was low usage of ICT facilities in the study area, and the respondents had low knowledge of useful information, as imposed by some constraining factors. Overcoming these challenges would ensure increased use of ICTs for agricultural activities in the study area. Recommendations such as awareness/sensitization on the use of ICT facilities such as the internet and computer to enable farmers utilize the tools effectively for agricultural information transfer and retrieval, dissemination of agricultural-related information through radio and television programs, as well as mobile phones, would be recommended for agricultural development, the use of renewable energy such as solar panels in the utilization of ICT tools particularly in rural areas and enactment of new government policy for the incorporation of ICT gadgets in extension services delivery to farmers to increase their confidence, competence and skills in using ICTs.


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